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Empty return package

 Hi all,

I have an urgent problem with delivering a return package.

I translated a .sdlppx file and converted it to a return package (.sdlrpx). However, the client said "The file you sent for delta is not translated...." So the client, who apparently uses Trados, is not able to see the translated content.

I could not find a solution in other topics.

Thank you for your help!

As far as I know, converting to SDLRPX doesn't work in CafeTran. You'll have to inject the SDLXLIFF file into the SDLPPX yourself, and change the extension. In most cases, that isn't a problem. However, the SDLRPX thus created lacks a (GUID) code that enables PMs to quickly create the project in case of various translators and multiple languages.


 Ok, thank you for the advice! I am new to CAT tools and Cafetran so could you explain what you meaned - how do I inject the SDLXLIFF file into the SDLPPX?

Well, I'd just open the SDLPPX by changing the extension to ZIP, and send the client the SDLXLIFF file. Usually, that'll do.


 So, just send the SDLXLIFF instead of the SDLRPX? OK, I'll try that :)

Well, the client said that the SDLXLIFF file also seems empty when opening it with Trados... I replied with a quote from another topic in the CafeTran forum: "When you open the translated project in SDL Trados, the system may still show 0% progress, but after just opening and saving the file(s), it becomes 100%." Is this the case, or could the problem be solved in any other way?


You should create a ticket. The procedure for creating sdlrpx packages is 100 % bullet proof. Either you or your client made a mistake. Igor can investigate it.

Normally I'm not shy to offer my assistance but the fancy problem with Studio is that one can only define 5 languages to process. And Finnish is not one of them for me.

There's a fast and easy way to find out if it's empty or not: Open your project again, and go Project |  Export | To HTML file... Open the HTML, and see if the translation is there in all its glory.


Hi Venla,

Sorry for this late posting.

As far as I know, the best and easiest alternative to creating a return package is:

1. Change the file extension of the SDL package from sdlppx to zip, and unzip it.
2. Open and translate the sdlxliff file in the target language folder, and send it back to your client together with the project translation memory (saying politely "Sorry, this is the best I can do now").


Hi Venla,

Perhaps your sdlppx package has not been pre-segmented in Trados, as it should, before translation in CafeTran. Also, make sure you finalize the translation by clicking the Finalize button. It sets the 'translated' status to the target segments.

Hi all,

Thank you for your help!

I converted the SDLPPX file into a HTML file, and the translated content is visible as it should. I have sent the SDLXLIFF file to the client. (I'll probably get an answer tomorrow morning and will know then if that was enough...) Another stupid queston: M suggested that I should send the translation memory too - is it the SDLTM file in the target language folder?



> Another stupid queston: M suggested that I should send the translation memory too - is it the SDLTM file in the target language folder?

The SDLTM file in the target language folder is only a reference translation memory. Your client probably wishes the TM from your own translation. The fastest way is to convert your project to the TM via the Project > Convert  > To TMX memory. It is the Project > Export > To TMX memory menu in the latest CafeTran Espresso 2016 - Ichiro version.


Ok, thank you Igor!


BTW, please make sure that you are using the latest version of CafeTran:

Normally, a client will want to use an existing TM to create a pre-translation in Studio. This will automatically make the SDLXLIFF files pre-segmented.

Sometimes there is no TM available yet (you'll be the one to create it for your client). In this case your client should copy all Source segments to their corresponding targets.

In CafeTran you use:

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