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Anyone know how to work with SDL Groupshare?

I have just received a project via SDL Studio Groupshare.

I receive many SDL projects and have my own method for working with these projects in CafeTran.

However, I have no idea how to get the files so that I can actually do the work in CafeTran with this Groupshare project.

I would really, really, really hate to have to do this project completely in Trados, so I hope someone knows what to do.

Yeah, I am trying to get them to allow me to download the TM.

Then, maybe it won't be a problem.

Jason: ...something about the target language not being set

This happened to me once or twice with lazy PMs. I had to ask somebody with Trados (and Windows...) to set the target language for me, but because of your first posting in this thread, I think you own Trados, so you can set it yourself. And work in CT, of course.


Yes, the source and target are there. However, when I tried to drag the source into CafeTran to start the project, I received an error regarding something about the target language not being set.

Also, the memory for this project is stored on the server. I do not seem to be able to download it, so I guess I am f***ed on this one.

While you're at the translation stage, the sdlxliff will most likely be copied to your HDD. At least that's what I hope. You then can copy it to your ct projects folder. You WILL need Studio to hand on the project to the reviewer etc.
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