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Q: Glossaries with multiple sources


(Instead of buying IATE glossaries) I'm using TextWrangler to make my own glossaries for CT. I managed to get all the source terms, all the target terms and their "Relative value" (numbers like 1, 2, 3 ou 4 for the level of confidence).

I also use "/" as a delimiter for the source terms. It looks like this:

Now I wonder if this setting is OK, or if it can be optimized.

Is using "/" as a delimiter a good choice?

Should I use it with or without spaces?

Any advice, suggestion or opinion would be appreciated.


In my opinion, if you are not going to use this glossary in the reverse direction (French to English), target entries "with a space" will save some labor: you don't have to enter a white space after each match in the target segment. Otherwise, you'd better delete white spaces.

"/" as a delimiter does no harm. But if you want CT to recognize words containing "/" such as "disposition/transfer" as a single entry, you need to use another character as a delimiter.


Thank you Masato, I changed / for | and removed spaces in the source.

I wonder what woorden would have to say about this (tab delimited files instead of tmx files for glossaries with multiple sources and/or targets). I have no opinion for the moment (too complex for me).

One more thing about IATE... What about Henk Sanderson's IATE glossaries? Do they contain the Relative Values (1, 2, 3 and 4), and comments like Obsolete and Preferred? I managed to import the last ones in my glossary, with Japanese equivalents : Preferred (O), Accepted (△) and Obsolete (X). Quite helpful when you have to choose between more than one term with the same relative value...

Alain: I wonder what woorden would have to say about this

You asked for it...

  • I also converted the IATE myself. Just because I can (I thought). Next time, I'll buy Henk's version.
  • I don't include the IATE termbase in the automatic workflow (my version isn't good enough), however,
  • I did import it in the database,
  • and used it once or twice to Recall Segments (terms rather than segments), Automatic workflow, Keep out of AA
  • Don't know what to think of it, not yet

Woorden : Next time, I'll buy Henk's version.

I took a second look at the explanations on his HP, and I will probably buy it too. He seems to have made a very nice job.


Alain: He seems to have made a very nice job.

Absolutely, and you can ask for special versions. BTW, one of his versions is in the "CafeTran glossary format," which is exactly the version I abhor and which should be forbidden by law.


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