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Feature suggestion

Hey igor,

I have a suggestion for a feature.

Autocorrect last spelling error (i.e. first spelling error prior to the cursor position).

I wrote a macro to do this in Word when i worked with the old Trados and found it to be a real time saver (perhaps because I'm not the most accurate typist). My version simply took Word's best suggestion, which is of course not without its dangers (and users should probably be made to sign a disclaimer!!). A pop-up drop-down would also be feasible.

Just a suggestion, I appreciate that you may have other priorities.




Edit > Replace with alternative spelling = CTRL + SPACE

Have a nice weekend :)


Wow! Love it, thank you!!!


You should maybe have pop-up tips every time you open a project (or CafeTran, but a project is probably better) alerting the user to some of these fantastic features (cf. most other programs).

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