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Feature request: Alt + Numpad minus to insert endash

It would be great if CafeTran, in common with every other program in the world, would insert an endash with Alt+Numpad-minus key. Endashes are used extensively in English.

Would this be possible?

Sorry, my bad, I meant of course Ctrl+Numpad-


amos: ... would insert an endash with Alt+Numpad-minus key

Undoable. CT is cross-platform, and Alt+Numpad-minus isn't.


Copied your bad: "Ctrl+Numpad-" isn't.


Hi Amos,

Please check this link and find your operating system method there:


Hi Igor,

thanks, I've been there already.
This turns out to be rather difficult on Ubuntu (for which the help pages are way out of date), but from Hans reply, looks like that's my problem, not yours.



I suppose Ubuntu has something like this:


You might use CafeTran's text shortcuts for this:

1. Paste endash character in the target segment box and select it.

2. Resources > Text shortcuts > Add selection to text shortcuts.

3. Define a shortcut for endash. For example, type dd shortcut in the field. Use only letters or digits for text shortcuts.

Then, each time you type your shortcut (e.g. dd), the defined selection (endash in your case) is entered.


Thanks Igor, that's a great feature!!!

amos: Thanks Igor, that's a great feature!!!

The greatness of this feature lies mainly in the fact that it doesn't have to be added.

However, it solves your problem only for CT, not system-wide.


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