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CafeTran Training: The New Manual

Introduction of the new manual

Please type your comments!

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I like this: "Taming the beast"

I hope that you are not implicitly mentioning me!



1. Under which category will MT and Total Recall fall? "Others" in "Translating a CafeTran translation project"?

2. How about multiple portals in the FAQ section? Such as, "If you want to do ..., see here" and "if you have this type of trouble, see here."



I think it's a good idea to offer a training package.

A sample project of a similar nature (as short as 10-segment) has been available for download at my site. It is designed to help beginners have a hands-on experience of some of the main features of CT's translation engine.

If you are interested in it, please create a US English to Japanese project from the attached files.

For the project details, please see the Project Guide (English).




I'm glad to know you are glad!

BTW, before writing some pieces of material for newbies, I totally reset CT so that I can see and feel the same things as they would do.


If you haven't tried this approach, please try. I bet you will get deeper insight into ways to help beginners.

BTW #2 (off-topic): I prefer "Serendipity" over "The Ultimate Challenge"



The TOC is updated again. As a kind of mental note for myself, I have added some text snippets (body text) too. Please ignore them.

Direct link

And thank you for your help and inspiration, Masato!


Your TOC is getting better and better!

Three comments:

1. "Translation of a part of the segment" in The references > Memories seems to fit more nicely into "Translating a CafeTran translation project" because it is an explanation about "Translate selected fragment" in the source segment toolbar.

2. Please add "Context awareness" to The references > Memories (possibly by way of sharing the link to a page about this feature?).

3. "Virtual subsegment matches" reflects Igor's description more accurately than "Fuzzy subsegment matches" (Translation engine summary).


I didn't make the changes you suggested, yet. But I've reshuffled some other topics:

Not a single one comment on my three first videos. All very encouraging. Are they really that bad and people not wanting to hurt my feelings? Hey, I'm not the famous CATguru, master of Camtasia, but hey, I try to create something halfway decent.

So, when everybody's happy with the structure of the manual, I'll start compiling it today. I'll work linearly (after all that's why the structure was created) and start writing the missing parts. Where ever appropriate, I'll update and insert the relevant parts of the outdated wiki and add links to the articles in the Freshdesk solutions. Wish me good luck, bon voyage and frohes Schaffen.

Thank you for all of your work so far. I have found both your Wiki articles and videos very helpful.


I am trying to find my way around CafeTran (trial version). Based on my experience so far, CT generally packs a punch, and I would have few gripes using it full time. If it has any Achilles' heel, missing user documentation would fit the bill. You are filling an important gap, so good luck, bon voyage and frohes Schaffen. :) 

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