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Feature request: Show filename when translating glued files

I'm translating 8 idml files as a single virtually glued file.

Unfortunately, as far as I can see, there is no way of knowing which file I am working on. (I don't have InDesign, so I can't sensibly examine the idml files directly.)

This wouldn't ordinarily matter, except that there are a couple of issues I need to discuss with the customer, and she, reasonably enough would like to know in which file particular segments occur.

Personally, I like the way SDL Studio does this, with a clear marker between files, but just the filename above the segments display would also work.

Hi, amos

I'm using CT on Mac, and I can see the file name at the very top of the screen, next to CafeTran something.


You're a life-saver!
Thanks Masato - didn't think to look there!!!


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