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Microsoft glossaries: using CT to make new glossaries (the long way)

Weird title, sorry...

Problem: all Microsoft glossaries are translated from English. I wanted to create a Japanese-French glossary.

Solution: Here is what I did this morning (as far as I remember):

  1. Downloaded the EN-JP and EN-FR glossaries.
  2. Imported the EN-JP tbx file in CT and created a TM with it. Same thing with the EN-FR tbx file.
  3. Saved my EN-JP as a txt file, opened it, copied everything in Excel. Then I had two columns (EN and JP.)
  4. Copied the EN column and pasted it in a new txt file.
  5. Translated this txt file with... the EN-FR TM created above. Translated with "Insert all exact matches", it took only a few seconds. About 1500 entries had empty targets. Never mind.
  6. Exported the translated file to a new txt file. Copied the text from this txt file in the third column of my Excel file. Then I add four columns in the Excel file: EN-JP-EN-FR.
  7. Copied the JP and FR columns in a new txt file... I finally had my new JP-FR glossary, created from Microsoft glossaries.
  8. ♪♪♪

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