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I am a cafetrans new user and i am still trying to get it. I managed to translate a text but that's it. I have the free version so I am not sure what I can do and what restrictions I have. But I don't want to buy it yet as i need to be sure it is right for me.

I want to translate a couple of texts (legal ones) so I'd like to start building a TM and a glossary, but apparently I've already reached my limit in one of them.

Any help/tips please?

Thank you

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Hi Sofia,

The limits of the trial version are specified at the

"Without a license file, the free copy of CafeTran Espresso that you download will run forever — but with the following limitations: You won’t be able to work with TM files that are larger than 1000 TU’s in size (in total), and you will not be able to make use of glossaries that are larger than 500 terms (in total)."

You can keep testing CafeTran on your texts with all the features enabled and the translation memory and/or glossary which do not exceed the above limits. There is no time limit.



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