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REQ for your feedback on Quick Start Guide

Hello everyone!

I'm planning to publish an English translation (PDF) of my personal website which introduces CT to Japanese translators.

My site is not as comprehensive as the CT Wiki, but I think it can serve at least as a good Quick Start Guide for Newbies (it may be boring to oldies).

Below is the current composition.

Though the details are not shown, if you find something that is missing or should be added, or anything else, please let me know.




 Quick Start Guide

1. Installation and license
    - Install CT, Java, and spell checker
    - License terms and management
2. Process overview (bird's-eye view on what you’re going to do)
    - Create or open a project
    - Click on “Next” button and translate
    - QA and export
    - Check translated document (in MS Word and so on)
3. Project
     - What is “Project”?
     - Dashboard
4. Translate
    - Start
    - Context menu
    - Function keys and Match Bar
    - Tag management
    - Searching and filtering
    - Glossary and TM management (addition, modification, deletion)
    - Productivity booster settings (enable/disable, etc.)
    - Others
5. QA and export

Supplemental Information

1. Customize the user interface
2. Pretranslation
3. SDL Trados Studio

Appendix: Main Features

1. User interface
    - Elements
    - Samples
2. Translation work flows
    - Translate a file or file folder
    - Translate via clipboard
    - Translate with an image file
3. Quick search
    - Search box
4. Glossary
    - Multilingual
    - Regular expressions
    - Context awareness
5. Translation memory
    - Quick leveraging (import into RAM)
    - Fragments matching

    - Translation of a part of the segment
    - Integration type
    - Fragments memory vs. text glossary
6. Productivity boosters
    - Auto-assembling
    - Fuzzy match auto-correction
    - Auto-completion
    - Auto-propagation
    - Segment pattern matching
7. Summary of CT’s translation engine
    - Exact segment match (100%)
    - Exact segment match (100%): Segment pattern match
    - Exact segment match (101% context match)
    - Exact segment match (102% context match)
    - Fuzzy match auto-correction
    - Fragments match
    - Auto-assembling of fragments matches
    - Fuzzy segment match
    - Fuzzy subsegment match or “Hits”
        - Mechanism of “Hits”
8. External resources
    - Online MT services
    - Total Recall
9. Notes and memos
    - Segment note
    - Alternative translation

    - Bookmark

    - Notepad
    - Record words
10. Other features
    - Align two documents
    - Edit TMX

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Wow Masato, that's a pretty impressive structure you have there! It looks very good. Maybe Hans could borrow elements from your structure to structure his revamped version of the wiki?

In my view, one of the most important parts of creating a good help resource is starting with a good structure.

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Looks good. Any idea when it will be ready, or will you publish it in phases?



I will review and publish it after the CT 2016 official version is released, because I want to keep it up-to-date as much as possible.



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