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(Speaking of "intuitive") how can I easily merge several TMXs on my computer with CT?

The reason I always use Heartsome's TMX editor (in spite of the fact that CT actually has more TMX editing features) is because it is simpler and more intuitive. All I have to do is open the program, select File > Merge TMXs, navigate to the relevant TMXs on my computer (I can select more than one), and press merge. They are all automatically merged into one, which I can then save to my computer under a new name.

So my question is:

I have three TMXs in a folder on my computer and want to merge them into one. How can I do this in CafeTran?


Hi Michael,

1. Memory> Open memories folder...

2. Memory > Save memory...



Wow, thanks Igor, that's even faster/easier than using Heartsome!


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