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QUESTION: What is "intuitiveness" anyway?

I want to start this very exciting topic at the beginning of a happy new year.

We (at least I) have witnessed so many instances of what the developer thinks is intuitive not being taken as such by many forum participants, and sometimes causing confusion among them.

Though I'm 1,000% sure that he has no intention to do us harm, but I think it's time for us to discuss what is "intuitiveness" anyway.

Does it mean:

No written explanations are needed at all?

Tooltips or other message popups, or warnings or errors are here and there and everywhere?

Easy access to resources with the right-click operation?

Intuitiveness from the viewpoint of newbies, knowledgeable ones, or somebody else?

Or "intuitiveness" is, after all, a mere fantasy?

Or is it something many users can share?

Or is my question silly?

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Sorry, please ignore this topic and see the latest one "Q: What is 'intuitive'?"


May be a system error.

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