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REQ: Behavior when marking wordsmith the keyboard

Some basic thoughts:

  1. When I double-click on award with the mouse, the word is being selected without any trailing space (e.g. this is my selection for this example).
  2. When I am inside the text with my keyboard and mark a word (with the String key and the arrow keys or - on a Mac – with the Alt key and the arrow keys, the word is being selected with the trailing space (if any) (e.g. this is my selection for this example).

The problem is:

When I want to replace this word with another word in this second case, auto-completion won't pop up.

The question:

Wouldn't it make sense to exclude the trailing space when marking a word with the keyboard (and align the behavior with the mouse behavior)? This would enable auto-completion from the very first sentence, without entangling your fingers (= mark a word and go one space back to the left). What disadvantages would a change of the current behavior have?

Just as a side note: TextWrangler and Bluefish behave like in Case 1, Word for Mac and LibreOffice like in Case 2.

The header should read "words with", not "wordsmith", of course.

Torsten: The header should read "words with", not "wordsmith", of course.

I hope this is not the result of using the, there are quite a few mistakes (award, String key) in the message that point in that direction.

I think you could write a script for the shortcut for CafeTran only to get rid of that trailing space, but wouldn't "typ first, delete later" be a lot easier? I don't know, I'm a mouse.


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