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The SQLite database in the free version of CT (on a Mac)

A non-linguists wants to build a database he can filter. God knows why. I told him that he'd have to segment his texts first. The free version of CT can do that. He could then export the .xlf file, and import it into the database (he may have to transfer source to target first?), and use CT also to filter. On ProZ, Selçuk recently mentioned that the database was also limited to 1,000 segments, but when I tried long ago, that wasn't the case. If Selçuk is right, that friend of mine will have to use another app that can be used for filtering. That's not a problem, but it would be nice if he could do everything in CT.


Yes, I use the free version and the database is limited to 1,000 segments. It is more than sufficient to test features of CafeTran.


Thank you, Selçuk. It's a pity, though. I think I'll now have to explain two apps, one for segmenting, one for filtering.

Actually, I the 1,000 segments limit for TMs of the free version may be enough for testing CT's features, but the 1,000 segments limit for the database isn't for testing the Recall Segments feature, a feature I now use all the time.


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