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Renewed request for "subsegment pattern"

As a very powerful extension of the "segment pattern" feature, I would like to request a "subsegment pattern" matching feature again.

As segment patterns begin with ?, here I want to describe subsegment patterns beginning with ??.

For example, you have the following entries (and their translations) in your resources:

??On September {1}
??{1} released {2}
??a device called {1}
iPad Pro

You have this source sentence:

On September 10, Apple released a device called iPad Pro.

My request is that CT be able to auto-assemble the following result.

On September {1=10}, {1=Apple} released {2=a device called {1=iPad Pro}}.

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I'm satisfied very much with the current version of CT, except for very minor ones (that do not fit my personal preferences).

I now feel that this feature is gonna be the last major request from me.

I once read somewhere on this forum a posting by Igor that his goal is an AI translation engine based on the user's resources. I really respect him.

To the best of my knowledge, a very important step toward this goal is this "subsegment pattern matching" or multi-layered (multi-step reflexive) machine translation. And it seems that the latest MT technology is shifting from word-based to phrase-based.


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