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Real story about Studio?

 I happened to see an interesting posting on this software.


Why don't they fix bugs?

It's just because of a shortage of development staff.

When I happened to see one of them at a fair, I told him "Why don't you fix these bugs?"

He said: "You can't expect more for this price. We would do much better if you pay 8,000 euro per license or so."

This is a question of enterprise philosophy. In the essence it is true. You can pay a lot more for software, so that the developer can be supported by other/more developers (it is undeniable that software always keeps having some bugs - or developing new ones- not only CAT tools).

A shortage of developers? Also with a team of - let's say - 100 developers, it depends on their leadership, their skills, their strategy (and its implementation), their priorities and many, many small factors that the management can influence. A team of 40 developers might be much more efficient than 100 (even one developer can be superior).

I think that the one of the mayor problems with those other CAT tools is that they depend heavily on MS controls (e.g. for the Translation Editor) and third-party components -- which they cannot control completely.

CafeTran has only very few third-party components (pdf viewer, hunspell etc.)

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