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Problem with Java or CT or Mac?

 When I type in a Japanese word in the search box, it is rejected at the first attempt and replaced by the last searched word.

Next time, successful.

It's hard to describe this behavior of CT. Please see the attached video.

According to my experience so far (on Mac), this does not occur when the Look & Feel is Metal or Nimbus.



looks like I'm having a serious problem with Cafetran. On opening the beachball keeps on turning (I'm on a Mac of course) and Force Quit says Cafetran not responding. I restarted the Mac twice but the problem is still there. Any idea about what I could do?


Hi Wolfgang,

Please reset the application and update it to the latest version as follows:

1. Download the file from here:


2. Unpack it on the Desktop and run it.


It should reset the settings.


3. Close the on the desktop and try running the original which you installed.


4. If all is working, remove to trash bin the from the Desktop.


After the resetting, please update CafeTran to the latest version as described here:



Hey Wolfgang,

You commented this by submitting a support ticket. Can you also comment it on the forum where you originally posted about the issue when you have time.




Igor solved the problem brilliantly and in no time by sending me the which I unzipped, then ran the application file to reset my application, closed Cafetran and ran my application which opened like a charm. I was then asked for my licence file which I had ready on my desktop. Now I'm off and running again. Thanks Igor.

Today I confirmed that the issue reported here is not occurring again with Ichiro. Thank you!


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