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Beginner help


I'm completely new to CAT, and am finding it really hard to get going. I have translated a few small texts inserting tag numbers etc and exported themback out, but am finding everything very unintuitive.

When the system suggests a word, I don't know how to accept it.

When I do QA all my tags have been renumbered. Is this normal?

When I DON'T want a word translated, I don't know how to stop it....

Is there - somewhere - a good video or something to help? Info seems to go from 'doing your first translation' (without going via QA) to mega advanced, using terms and expression I don't any language!

Ideas would be much appreciated......

The link worked appeared to work yesterday but today I get Error 404......


See here

Got it! Thanks! :)


And BIG THANKS to Hans for his help via Skype this morning! Immediate issues addressed - plus some I hadn't thought of - and I think I also got more of an idea of the logic of how it is all set up. Onwards.....!

PS Hans - I finished the tail end of that website in record time! :)
Much appreciated!


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