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Beginner help


I'm completely new to CAT, and am finding it really hard to get going. I have translated a few small texts inserting tag numbers etc and exported themback out, but am finding everything very unintuitive.

When the system suggests a word, I don't know how to accept it.

When I do QA all my tags have been renumbered. Is this normal?

When I DON'T want a word translated, I don't know how to stop it....

Is there - somewhere - a good video or something to help? Info seems to go from 'doing your first translation' (without going via QA) to mega advanced, using terms and expression I don't any language!

Ideas would be much appreciated......

Hallo Judith,

ich bin gerne bereit, eine persönliche Skype- oder TeamViewer-Sitzung mit Dir zu vereinbaren.








That's a kind idea but I'd need to install Skype and you don't mention cost.
I'm really disappointed as Cafetran looks like it should be good (I'm not a great tekkie but am ok with most programmes from Office to Photoshop) but nothing seems clear. Online info seems to go from real first steps (not much better than banging a document into Google Translate, back into Word and taking it from there) to amazingly complicated....inflected languages...files of many and various types.....or things which really don't seem important such as re-arranging the windows on the screen!

>That's a kind idea but I'd need to install Skype and you don't mention cost.

Excuse me. It's free of course. 

>I'm really disappointed as Cafetran looks like it should be good

It is. Many can confirm that. I'm willing to give you an introduction. Free. No costs. But you'll have to invest too. I cannot help when you don't want to install Skype or TeamViewer. I'm living in Tilburg. You are welcome to visit me there. No costs either. Except for your travel expenses :). But hey, it's a great town.

All the best!


:)  Love the idea of popping over to Tilburg but I'm in the backwoods of Italy, a bit north of Pisa, which is very pretty but sadly a bit too far!  I'm really not against installing Skype per se - just that I'm a bit of a Luddite by nature and find myself increasingly blessed with all manner of software which I don't really feel I need - or want.
Nonetheless, something to speed up translations would be very useful and if you are prepared to help me with Cafetran for freebie then I'd be pleased to give it a go and even set up Skype!
Is that ok?


Of course it is. I'll be in my office on Monday etc. Skype adres is on the website I mentioned previously
Er...sorry...but which  website? (Will now go away for the weekend!)


See the wiki. Green URL at the bottom of the landing page.

Hello Judith, and happy new year.

CT is really great. You need to configure it a bit (just as any other CAT) - depending on your needs - but then you will be able to work very fast and precise. In my humble opinion the menus are somehow puzzled, but this does not matter too much, as CT is aimed at working with keyboard shortcuts.

You will even have the possibility to choose between different working methods.

>In my humble opinion the menus are somehow puzzled

With all respect: You are, as everybody else, entitled to your own opinion. Nevertheless I beg to disagree here.

In the last few days I've been running some tests again with the latest versions of competing CAT tools. (I've posted some screenshots in the Kaffeeklatsch-Gruppe.)

Several times I've concluded, duh, are these menus so much better than the ones in CafeTran? I really don't think so. Even the ones with the famous Ribbon have in my opinion important commands hidden at the second or third menu level. And what to think of menu names like 'Commit', 'Leverage'? It needs an MBA to understand them (not really, but I like exaggerating too, every now and then).

Nevertheless, if someone has better names/positions for individual menu items, she should stand up and speak.

>Info seems to go from 'doing your first translation' (without going via QA)

I never realised that a first starter should deal with QA too. I think it's a good suggestion, so I'll make sure that QA will be part of the video that I'll record for CafeTran 2016 xxx, once it has been released to the installed user base. 

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My apologies for being such a pain.

I have now set up and tested Skype - but I can't find your Skype address. Not sure what site let alone a green URL. Sorry.
Any chance you could point me in the right direction? I know today is Sunday so don't expect a reply today.



See here (I hope I got it right, Hans)


Menus puzzled? See my short response here

Brilliant!!! Thanks so much!


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