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Support for Memsource

Anyone who can share some Memsource files? I'd like to have a look at how they load in CafeTran.

Well, don't know anything about memsource yet, but it sure does run on a beautiful computer!

Guess what, they have a wiki too.

I've created a test file in Memsource and I'm writing an article about how to translate Memsource projects in CafeTran.

Well, unfortunately this article has passed away, but...
  • CafeTran opens up the mxliff format without any problem, but you cannot reimport them (do not ask me why). Same with memeQ, so the problem seems to exist on the Memsource side
  • You can export/import bilingual tables. Usually you should expect to copy the souce column to the target column, set everything except the target column to invisible to get a finished table, but no, this did not work: The bilingual file exported by CafeTran could not be reimported
  • For this reason simply take the bilingual table file, set everything to invisble except the source coliumn and translate it. Then take the translated and exported file and copy the translated column into the original file (in the end the same thing, nearly)
  • I had another issue with the look of the grid (the column in the original file was black/white):

Original file (to the right, left colimn is set to invisible)


Grid in CT:


You can download and install Memsource Editor on your computer -

If you use authorized credentials (for example, if the client provides project-based access), It lets you:

- download the mxliff files

- happily translate them in CafeTran

- export and import billingual files for review if needed

- Run mxliff specific QA

- Confirm segments (this cannot be done in CafeTran and if not confirm they to not get the translated status with the green check)

- upload to server

One needs to get acquainted with the way somethings work in the Memsource side, and of course, be careful with any TM or TB that may be attached to project.

Confirm segments (this cannot be done in CafeTran and if not confirm they to not get the translated status with the green check)

If possible, please submit a support ticket and attach a mxliff file which has the segments confirmed. I will look into it to check whether CT can make them confirmed the same way. 

Apparently, it is a matter of changing status :





Submitting a ticket.

Correction: you may need to dowload billingual file from Memsource Cloud dashboard.

The rest (open file with Memsource editor, confirm, run QA, upload to server) can be done through the desktop app, effectively easing the use of CafeTran for the translation itself.

Does this mean you can reimport mxliff files that were processed by CT? In my case this did not work. 

Exactly tre!

You download the file from Memsource Cloud, process the mxliff file in CT, and then open it with Memsource Editor on your computer (eventually run QA and confirm segments, this step may not be needed if Igor maps it to CT soon) and choose Upload it to server from the menu.

You can try even with a Free account, entering the same credentials you use in Memsource Cloud.

The catch is you have to have access to the server where the file is to upload it. Often, project-based access is given to a translator by a translation company. Maybe downloads are even disabled in some projects? I do not know but a colleague of mine seemed to imply this.

You can try using the same credentials!

I have had success with a client using Memsource, so it definitely is possible, at least in some cases :-)

Attaching screenshot with the login screen in Memsource Editor

With CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi Update 4, you can now Confirm MXLIFF segments in CT using the Checked status.

Thank you Igor! 

Indeed, my last Memsource project worked like a charm. But I keep having these kinds of alternative translations inside the file (for every single segment):


They did no harm, everything went okay, but they are annoying. Perhaps this depends on some project setting (there are no settings for export available).


For some (unknown to me) reason, Memsource xliff files do have such empty alternative translations.

They are correspond to MT and TM.


<alt-trans origin="machine-trans"><target/></alt-trans><alt-trans origin="memsource-tm"><target/></alt-trans>

Couldn't they be optionally filtered out? I am unsure about the memsource-TM thing, this could be useful.

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