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What an absolute nonsense

How proud and independent translators can make themselves slaves of some absurd comparison system. For me this is the most stupid system of 2015. From Pro: > "Measure #YourProductivity and compete against translators around the globe! SDL’s #YourProductivity app counts the keystrokes you save with SDL Trados Studio’s many productivity-boosting features, and converts them into points. You can then share your points on Twitter to challenge translators worldwide for a place on the SDL Productivity Leaderboard. Challenge yourself to be more efficient with your projects as time goes on, or vie with your fellow translators for the top spot; the choice is yours"

Wishing you a Happy Merry New Year! (not yet in your local time?)


SDL Trados Studio is a very nice toy to play with, but is far from being an efficient tool to work with.


Let your wildest dreams come true in 2016. Happy New Year to everyone!


Happy New Year everyone! May 2016 bring you joy, good health and the fun of rich features.
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