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True bilinguals

I'm comparing the bilingual export tables from CafeTran 2016 and the 2015 release of Studio:

Not very complicated to mimic the results, either in the Studio table or in the CafeTran table. But what would be the use of that exercise?

Exercise keeps you younger


Zat's why i run zru ze woods :)

Let's run through an open field :)

The nicest open field I've seen lately was around the Spectre premises. I think it's actually the La Palma Planetary Watch. Have to find confirmation. [Hops away to]

I rather liked Spectre.

Little known fact: Everyone pronounces Alesandro Cremona's character, Marco Sciarra, as Skee-ara, it should be pronounced Shee-arra. In Italian the hard c sound would need a spelling of Schiarra. Although an English speaker might make this mistake it's repeated by others.

I was there, well almost. Last summer holiday was in Kelchsau. There was a cable to the top of the mountain. The other way went to Sölden:

Ah, Spectre was here:

Enough 'open field'?

BTW: After seeing the Tyrol mountain views in the film, for the first time I understood why people want to reach the top: magnificent views.

So, I guess you want to make me say "too much open fields for today"

Sorry, I'm smart enough not to fall into your trap 'cause I've had enough alco..h..l today

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