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Quick Insertion thing

I played around with Studio 2015 yesterday and saw the section of the ribbon that holds useful characters ready for insertion:

Wouldn't it be nice if CafeTran would have such a panel too?

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Of course there's PopChar, but it's a little overkill perhaps and it costs no less than € 30 ...

Mac version

Windows version

Wow, this is very impressive:

Not sure if the Mac version can do this too. Uber-useful I'd say, but then again: I don't speak/write Chinese.

What's wrong with the good old character viewer?

Well, there's something wrong with it, it's now called "Emoji and Symbols." Shame on Cupertino.


>What's wrong with the good old character viewer?

As far as I know, it's not cross-platform.

Hans CafeTran Wiki:'s not cross-platform.

It's not. And I couldn't care less.


From the developer:

Wenn Sie die Funktion zum Suchen von gezeichneten Formen meinen: Die haben wir im November 2014 (also vor mehr als einem Jahr) in der Mac-Version von PopChar eingeführt. Seit Juli dieses Jahres gibt es das nun auch in der Windows-Version.

Allgemein ist es so, dass wir neue Funktionen zuerst in der Mac-Version einführen und dann mit Verzögerung auch in der Windows-Version nachziehen.

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