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How to reinstate the old behaviour when creating a project glossary?

CafeTran's glossaries can now be multilingual. Besides that, new ProjectTerms contain 5 columns since the latest build.

CafeTran 'collects' the languages that you work with. So, if you create a new project and click the box to create a new glossary, all languages that CafeTran knows about, will be present.

Perhaps you don't want that and prefer the old behaviour? Glossaries that only contain SL and TL.

Here I create a DE > NL project:

And the Config dialogue box:

Note that only DE and NL are shown. However, when the project has been created, suddenly an EN column is visible in the ProjectTerms:

Here's why:

CafeTran has registered the EN from a previous project and assumes that you want to have an EN column in your DE > NL project. Please also note the content of the three fields Context, Subject and Notes.

To avoid the creation of columns for them in the glossary, make the fields empty. Also switch EN to NL in the language column names:

Now, when you create a new project with a new project glossary, the old behaviour will be reinstated: only two columns, one for the SL and one for the TL:

Apart from the location in the Options dialogue, what has changed? And more importantly, what has changed in de Database section of the Options? And would this be more intuitive for newbies (and oldbies), more accessible? What's the use of it anyway?


CafeTran now offers multi-lingual glossaries. The headers for them, which are also the labels of the fields the New term dialogue box, were previously defined in the DB tab. Which isn't very intuitive.

>What's the use of it anyway?

All headers and labels are now set in one unified tab, the Definitions tab.

Hans CafeTran Wiki: CafeTran now offers multi-lingual glossaries.

It already offered multilingual TMX files and databases.

...were previously defined in the DB tab

That's what I said.

There's no reason to use multilingual resources, apart from very, very occasionally. In that case, using the database is a far better choice.


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