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Lifetime VPN

Slashdot is no offering PureVPN for 5 devices, lifetime access, for USD 69.

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If you don't know what VPN means or if you don't need it: don't bother. If you use VPN tunnelling on holidays etc., this is a great deal. Pure VPN has many servers and good reviews.

I've installed it on my MacBook Pro and on myPhone.

HI Hans,
Does it still work? I bought it last year, but I was not really satisfied and, recently, I replaced it with a lowendspirit VPS. It costs me only $10 per year and I have 1 TB of bandwith per month. I installed OpenVPN on it and it's perfect (fast and stable).
Hi Alain, Yes PureVPN stil works. I only use it on my iPhone.

I notice that the tunnel built with Pure VPN is way faster and more stable than those built with my previous app, TunnelBear.

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