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Jacke wie Hose

SDL Studio 2015:

Collaborative Translation Networks CafeTran 2016:

For what it's worth and while I'm at it, here is a screenshot of memoQ:

Note that this applet only works on Windows.

And here's the little one, from Germany.

No snow outside, so let me create some on my screen.

SDL Studio 2015:

And CTN CafeTran 2016's Artist Impression of a winter landscape:

Okay, okay, I'll go for a run now ;).

Sorry, unforgivable ... should have been this picture:

For the record and because I have them, the screenshots from Memsource Editor:

Looks kind of clumsy to me, but the web editor really looks good:

I have now verified the workflow described here.

For me Memsource's web editor is superior to crossWeb. I even think you can use it to translate on your iPad Pro :).

Rest assured, I won't be leaving you :). But I think the performance of the Memsource web editor is impressive. No lag at all. I read a lot of bad publicity on Proz about Memsource, but I cannot confirm it. Or is my good impression based on the fact that nobody else is using their server on New Year's Day?

Some more screenshot, showing a real project (yup, the famous one–I'll update it for 2016 ;)), the results of QA (instantaneously too!) and the adding of an unknown word to the spelling dictionary.

Am I suggesting that CafeTran should get a HTML 5 web editor? Nope.

Wordfast Pro 4:

And the glossary format of WFP 4, that is there are lots of indexation / stemming files too. This is the textual content file:

CafeTran can process that right away.

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