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From TextExpander to Typinator ... and back

I started with TextExpander. Then I found that it didn't behave in CafeTran – or the other way around. I migrated my text shortcuts to Typinator and used that for some years.

Then I migrated to Java 8 on El Capitan and suddenly Typinator caused CafeTran to freeze when expanding text shortcuts.

So I tried my TextExpander (which is rather old) and guess what: it behaves nicely.


TE has the huge advantage that you can define drop-down menus with snippets. One for your correspondence, one for your bookkeeping, one for your CafeTran abbreviations etc.

BTW: If you're wondering why I would use a text expander, when CafeTran also offers such a feature, here's why:

  • These tools work in all apps, in all dialogue boxes
  • CafeTran's feature only works in the Target segment pane
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