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Add an existing glossary file to CafeTran

The automatic creation of the ProjectTerms glossary by CafeTran, the manual creation of an empty (new) glossary (Glossary > New glossary...) and the addition of an existing (e.g. downloaded from the internet or supplied by your client) glossary (Glossary > Add glossary...) are three completely different workflows.

In this soundless video I'll show you how to prepare a specialised glossary from the web, for use in CafeTran.

Also featured:

  • Creation of a PDF from a webpage, using your browser's Reading mode
  • Conversion of a PDF to a Word document, for translation in CafeTran

Google for a specialised glossary, download it, convert it to tab-delimited, add the file as a glossary to CafeTran

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Good point! Thanks. I've already found some errors in the IATE file I have. Is there anyway to change those?

Set the priority of the IATE TM to Low and that of BM to high. Ignore all errors in the first, add the correct and or preferred translation to the latter.

The IATE is a too big file to edit easily, during the translation process. Besides that, it's regularly updated, which could make your changes in vain.

Thanks for that info. Sounds like a good, efficient work-around. I had marked it too high, and a very common word was being mistranslated every other segment. Thanks.

What resources do you recommend being HIGH? Just big mama and projectTM (is that automatically high?).

What about MEDIUM?

And LOW? 

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