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Hide column names in glossary pane

So, the way to Hide column names in glossary pane is by adding them here?

duh, where? I don't need to see this ...

Masato, did you find the solution?

I can of course just delete the first line:

#de-DE #nl-NL


Would you tell me which pane is that?

My glossary pane:

 Left one has header information. Right one does not.

I see no column names.

Maybe I'm a bit late in this discussion about the glossary, but I just realized that adding a term to my txt glossary shows nothing, 5 columns, a context comment for another term, but not the term I just entered, and nothing else, for that matter, zilch, apparently empty glossary. Why is this so?!?

Hello, one of the bills from this weekend. Please make sure that you update to the latest build. Repeat your test and report
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