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Some ideas about a workflow for harvesting terminology from an existing project

There is a keyboard shortcut to match the glossary/glossaries again with the current segment, without leaving the segment. More or less for exactly the situation that you describe.

Further to the colour-coding of recognised terms: perhaps the keyboard shortcut can help here too: once the initial green has been collapsed (removed), you could press the keyboard shortcut to see which terms are recognised.

You already noticed that for the task at hand you can best deactivate the colour-coding of segment matches?

You really have to experiment with these settings. Alas, the adjusting of these settings isn't very intuitive. The colours overlap, and what’s worse: some changes will be active right away, for others you’ll have to restart CafeTran.

Hey, guess what, I’ve found the keyboard shortcut for Mac:

Ctrl+Alt+Return (this is one of the keyboard shortcuts that I use all the time, but when one asks me about it, I cannot name it — remember the discussion we had about the reversibility of our mental lexicon?)

I add ‘für = for’:

After closing the dialogue box, no colour-coding!

I press Ctrl+Alt+Return, et voila:

BTW: What’s also not optimal from my point of view: the ‘in’ is recognised in ‘Einsatz’ too. “Because CafeTran also supports languages without word boundaries.”

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