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Modifications in glossary via F/R aren't saved

I've tested this on osx and windows 10, with build 1802.

Modifications to the source terms, made via the F/R dialog, are displayed in the ProjectTerms pane. I then save the glossary manually, and automatically (I've set save gloss every seg). When I open the gloss in textwrangler/textpad, the source terms are still unmodified. I then quit the editor, reload the gloss via the context menu and open it again in the editor: modifications not there. And what's even worse: after this reloading, ct stops matching the terms: term recognition has stopped. When I quit ct and restart it: the unmodified source terms are recognised again.

Clearly there's something wrong in this nice and useful feature!

Could anyone else verify my findings please?

Repeated this once more. This time by making modifications to the Dutch target terms. They look alright in the pane but they aren't saved in the glossary either.


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