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Question on pretranslate

I have a question on the workflow for the pre-translate function.

I've had a look at this forum diiscussion and the kb article here and am none the wiser.

I've just received an updated version of an IDML file from a client.* I wanted to have a look and see what's changed, so I copied the project memory from the earlier version into the project directory for the new version, restarted CafeTran and ran pre-translate,

I was expecting to see the pre-translated segments appear in the target segment of the Translation Units panel, but no. There are matches (102%!) in there, but they are not placed in the target segments.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this the expected behaviour?



Hi Jeremy,

Please use the Translation > Insert all exact matches command to achieve what you wish.


Aha, thank you Igor.
So that begs the question - what does pre-translate do? (Because what pre-translate does in other CAT tools is insert exact matches.)


Hi, Jeremy

Pre-translate does what you usually do with your TM, in advance or in the background. When you activate pre-translate, the system automatically picks up TM matches (which you cannot use real-time) and creates another TM that contains only those matches for "future" use.

So, "pre-translate" by CT means "preliminary TM matching."




Hey Masato,
a very belated thank you for your post (busy time followed by long Xmas break) - that was exactly what I was after.


This pre-translate function will always bring such questions. It was discussed several times before and we will discuss it again and again. It is an example to non-intuitive naming of functions in CafeTran :(

I like the name suggested by Masato with the slight modification - Preliminary Memory matching. TM acronym may be confusing for starters.


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Indeed, the world looks different if we look at it with fresh eyes.
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