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PDF viewer issue - PDF is not displayed properly

This is the same PDF 

a) in the Viewer app (Mac OS X)

b) in the CT PDF Viewer

I assume this has something to do with embedded types and/or encoding. No problem to display the file in Skim.

The viewer behaves quite sluggish when handling this file (8 MB, CT has 4 GB).

I've got the same problem. The CT pdf viewer fails to display the text in whole. Some paragraphs look exactly the same as at the bottom of the second picture.




I do not use the PDF viewer so often, but nowadays I would try to print the PDF as PDF (Bullzip Printer App under Windows, from the Viewer app under Mac) to get another, perhaps (for CT) properly coded PDF file.

Or do an upgrade to Java 9, as I assume the PDF viewer is from Java.

The PDF viewer is an external PDF library suitable for displaying relatively simple PDF documents. In the future, it may be either removed or replaced with some alternative Java PDF viewer.

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