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Marketing mumbo jumbo

Really frightening how well Google Translate and Bing Translator translate this marketing mumbo jumbo.

I think I'll go home fishing. MT does my job. PS Don't tell my clients.

Great Beijer idea, this Keep out of AA option for glossaries!!!! Luv it!

I sometimes feel like a painter: with my brush (mouse) I drag over the colours in the different panes to insert fragments in my Target segment pane to compose a nice piece

drag a little here, and a little from there et voila

The panes are the palette:

Take a little paint everywhere. The target text that is growing in the Target segment pane is the actual painting:

Coffee, Aubette, palette, painting, molecules, how feature-rich is CafeTran!

Hans CafeTran Wiki: feature-rich is CafeTran!

Well, you win some, you lose some. After "upgrading" to the latest build, I might have gained a few colours, but I couldn't get access to the SQLite database anymore, so I "downgraded" to the penultimate version. Igor claims he didn't touch anything that has to do with the db, so it must have been those colourful features.

As I mentioned earlier, I encountered more (serious) problems in the last few months, than in the preceding 5 years. More features, please.


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