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 Dear Igor,

I want CT to integrate standalone MT packages.

Now I use an MT suite as follows.

1. Pretranslate the source document with it.
2. Save the source and target segments as a TMX file.
3. Open it in CT.

I think this is the best I can do now; but, one thing I don't like about this is that auto-assembling seems to be not working completely when there is an exact match. This happens "always" because such a TMX file contains exact matches only (unless it is set "manual").

So, my proposal is the option to treat and display the selected TMX file exactly in the same way as results from online MT services: target display only, no hindrance to auto-assembling, reference only.

Then, I think I'm able to take full advantage of standalone MT packages, which are often far more useful than online MT services because they are customizable/configurable on a word-for-word/phrase-for-phrase basis and in many other respects, and can perfectly protect the secrecy of the source document.

>> Thanks for "keep out of auto-assembling"

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