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how to select and copy a block of source segments to target

I searched the database but could not find a tip for that. 

My document has a block of segments that does not require translation. Instead of going one by one to transfer them to target, I would like to select them and with one click transfer that selection to target.

- How to select a block of segments and transfer them to target?

Thank you.


Hello, I am afraid that there is no easy or direct way to do this. What you can do, however, is this: activate the search field, type e.g. 23-44, for segments number 23 up to 44 , Press enter, and the task menu select copy source to target. You can also directly set the state to translated for the same filter selection


1. Type the segment range in the Search field (e.g 100-200) and press Enter. You will see that the filter icon is on.

2. Choose from the menu Task > Transfer Source segments to Target target segments.

3. Turn off the filter by clicking at its icon.


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Fab! When you have a large block of continuous segments that need moving source--> Target, this works a char

This solution seems not working anymore. If I enter the range in the Search field, I just search for the string "100-200". The filter icon does not come up.

Is there another way? I have a huge document, in which I need to translate 3% of the segments, in three blocks. So being able to select ranges of segments would considerably change the task.

Please make sure that you have selected "Segment numbers" option in the Edit > Find... dialog.

Of course. Sorry. Thanks for the quick response.

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