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REQ Improvement of the IDML filter re: new lines

I'd like to request with my kindest face and twinkling eyes an improvement of the IDML filter.

Hard new lines are either represented (in the glossary/textwrangerl with \x{2028}) or they are omitted in the Grid and Target segment pane, so that words on two lines are gluedtogether.

I decided to remove the U+2028 thingees. First I identified them via Edit > Unique code. Than I used F/R:

Took me some time to find out/remember the different notation in the Find dialogue box and at the status bar. Igor, could you please adapt the notation at the status bar so that it matches the input in the Find box?

Same for \uFEFF. I've removed them. Don't know yet, whether the IDML will be imported correctly. So wait.

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