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Bidirectional workflow

I am using a TM for NED > FRA and another one for FRA > NED. Not ideal, because I often get follow-ups in the reverse combination and CafeTran seems to handle the inversion automatically, right?

Q: Is it okay to merge both TMX files so I can use the same TMX for both directions?

A: I'd say: Yes, absolutely.

However, I think that when adding the TM via drag and drop, the language direction as in the TMX will be set: e.g. NL > FR (first segment in the TMX starts with NL, followed by FR as target). You can easily swap that, by hovering over the buttons for SL and TL and click.

Note that the source language is set in the header of the TMX:

Q: Same for glossaries (I have 1 for each direction, with some terms present only in FR>NL and others only in NL>FR,). But for glossaries CafeTran doesn't seem to handle the inversion and I had to edit and copy-paste. Is this the best way to keep both combinations with all the terms?

A: For glossary queries you can set two directions or set bidirectional queries:

Note that if a word exists in both languages, this can have some effects that can be puzzling at first sight. For instance:

But you are professional enough to not get confused by these faux amis.

One nice posting a day, keeps the doctor away :).

Good to know!


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