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I'm new to CafeTran, but I like it already. Please, tell me if it's safe to use My Memory MT-tool in terms of confidentiality?


The sending of source text to a machine translation engine, is never safe. Your translation, however, will not be uploaded to the machine translation system.

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As of January 2016, you will be able to connect CafeTran to your personal machine translation system, called slate desktop. You will need to buy an extra license, but confidentiality will be guaranteed.

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Please note that this is a third-party service, and that only the connection will be provided by CafeTran.

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Please see MyMemory tool terms of service: You can always switch it off in CafeTran options (menu Edit > Options > MT services tab) if you translate sensitive contents.

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Before I try out CafeTrans on a 'real' document, I just want to make sure:  As long as untick the checkbox next to MyMemory as per Igor's instructions above, no part of my source document will be uploaded online? Or are there any other boxes I need to untick or any other changes I need to make to any settings?


Hi Aim,

CafeTran is a desktop application and connects to online services only if you wish it so.  After unchecking the box for MyMemory Machine Translation online service in Preferences, no segment will be sent anywhere. You can can also disable it temporarily for chosen segments via the right-click at MyMemory pane and choosing "Stop automatic MT service".


Thanks, Igor.
Sorry, I am totally ignorant about MT.  From what I understand from your reply,  MyMemory only uploads the active segments, one at a time, and not the whole document in one go, so I can activate or deactivate it for individual segments. And if I have a confidential document that contains extracts from an international treaty or some EU provisions, I could switch on the online function just for those segments containing the non-confidential provisions, without compromising the confidentiality of other segments that are inactive at the time?

If this is really the case, this might be useful. I need to try out whether this will be quicker than what I do normally (i.e. looking up the official target language version of the provision or using some alignment TM or EU TM)

When the MyMemory tab is opened at the beginning of the session, right-click on the pane and select "Stop automatic ..." before you begin translating.

Afterwards, no segments are sent online unless you select "Translate."



I want to add one more thing.

>> MyMemory only uploads the active segments ...

It does not automatically take in your segments. The decision is yours.


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