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REQ PDF viewer syncs!

Wouldn't it be great to have a PDF viewer that syncs automatically?

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The programming of this syncing won't be an easy task. For instance, currently I'm translating an image brochure, created in InDesign. The 'stories' (yep, that's what they are called, these text frames) are scattered around the IDML files. I'm jumping from page to page in the PDF, while navigating linear in the Grid.

This is typical for Indesign projects. Decent texts are written in FrameMaker ;).

But, hey, I'm not complaining (I seldom am): it's nice to translate a piece of image brochure every now and then. Great images of sexy machines (loaders). I really love these big guys. Perhaps I should buy one to drive around through the woods?

BTW: This could be a text where I could use speech recognition.

What's also very funny with these projects is that I have to store a lot of new terms, way above average for a new project. Common language words. It allows me to browse in my dictionary (virtually, since it's an app), something that I still enjoy.

Thus, this is rather an auto-completion project for me than an auto-assembling project. And that's fine. CafeTran supports that workflow too.

I mus admit that I proceed way slower in these kind of texts, kind of Michael pace (3000 words a day keep the doctor away), if I make that at all. Especially when procrastinating here all the time. Did I already tell that I really like these loaders?

For texts like these: Like Hand vd B suggested (too), I have a quick look at the AA'd result and most of the times I press DEL or just start typing to remove the nonsense suggestion. Would be nice if I could do that with my voice. "DELETE"!

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