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Insert all exact matches

What happens if I activate the command here above? Will CT start inserting matches starting over from segment 1 or does it start at the current segment. What does this mean: "If any (exact match) exist, copy them into the target segment.". Will I be presented with a list of exact matches?

Sorry, I'm in the middle of a huge project and don't feel like making experiments. I prefer to know what happens beforehand.

soundword: ...and don't feel like making experiments

I wouldn't either. As far as I know, "Insert all exact matches" will only insert them in empty target segments. And I suppose your previous target segments aren't empty. What's more, they'll provide those exact matches. So if you "Insert all exact matches" the previous segments won't be affected, unless you confirm the matches (by going to the next segment with ^ ⌥ Arrow down in which case the will be propagated ("propagated backwards"). And no, you won't see a list.


Thanks Woorden, worked like a charm.

I have another question. Is it possible to save the SOURCE file as well at the end of a project, not inside a bilingual file, but as a standalone-file. Why? Because I removed so many line breaks and just in case I want to run my TMX on the source file in another tool.

Create a copy of your XLIFF. Copy all sources to target. Export. Restore the copy of the XLIFF. Simple as pasta.

...e grazie a te, Hans!

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