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Glossaries versus Termbases

There are two ways to store terms in CafeTran

  • In Termbases which are TMX files

Use them if you want to have fuzzy term recognition

  • In Glossaries which are plain-text files with TABS

Use them if you want to have compact files that are easy to manage

Watch the webinar.

Well, actually it's a screencast, but never mind ;).

I can imagine that for new users the terms T4T and Memory etc. for Termbases are quite difficult to understand. So I'd like to repeat my suggestion to make a clear distinction between:

TMs <> Glossaries <> Termbases

In the menus and dialogue boxes (also the titles). (So I'm actually suggesting to rename the Memory menu to TMs and position the creation of Termbases in the Glossaries menu, which should be renamed to Terms.)

I'd also like to suggest to adapt the wording of the relevant tasks for management of Termbases to something like:

Remove duplicate TMX units > Remove duplicate TM / Termbase entries

Remove TMX units with duplicate source segments > Remove TM / Termbase entries with duplicate source segments

Remove TMX units with source=target > Remove TM / Termbase entries with source=target


I even created a wiki entry for Termbases.

For a more comprehensive overview of the settings TMX termbases, see here.


Okidoki, and thanks. I've linked my article to yours (which is linked to mine). Clash of clans.

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