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Which Java on Mac?

Hello Macies,

Which Java version should be used on a Mac (running the latest El Capitan)? I currently have Java 6 build 65, obtained from Apple as required by Wordfast Pro. i assume CafeTran can use a newer version: is it 7, 8 or 9? Can I / should I uninstall Java 6 (and if so, how?)?



Use 8, leave 6.

Thanks. Do you mean both will cohabit and each Java app will figure out which version it needs and where to locate it?

This is indeed the case on my MacBook Pro, with the extra info that I had J8 first and naughty oldest kid installed J6 afterwards, to use MineCraft and make me explode. But both daddy and kid are happy.

I guess that first J6 and then J8 won't be a problem either.

Apparently, Minecraft now no longer needs Java 6:

Yes, but that was a few months later ;).

I suggested the same bundling for CafeTran on Mac too.

But your suggestion was not accepted? Using Java on a Mac seems unnecessary complex/messy, which is why any way to distribute a fully self-contained Java app should be welcome.

>But your suggestion was not accepted?

On an average working day I provide more ideas than the complete SDL development team can handle.

Woorden likes that very much!

Hans: On an average working day I provide more ideas than the complete SDL development team can handle.

Hehe, made my day.

Indeed, Java 8 (Oracle) and Java 6 (Apple) can coexist. You will need to reinstall Java 6 after an upgrade to El Capitán, but this did not make any problem on my machine. As I said in another thread, this Java 6 version might be the very last version officially supported by Apple, so bundling will be a very good idea.

Recently, I "upgraded" to Java 1.8 (I skipped 1.7). For reasons I don't understand, I had to download the JDK version, rather than the JRE. The JDK version seemed to have uninstalled 1.6. No problem for the Java apps installed. Even more recently, I installed an app requiring 1.6, and I re-installed it from the Apple support page. Again, no problem, but searching for versions only shows 1.8. It's all rather confusing for elderly gentlemen.


>It's all rather confusing for elderly gentlemen.

I can confirm that.

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