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Think before you speak!

Thinking and speaking, can they be performed simultaneously? An interesting question, isn't it? Why mention it here?

Well, the fact is that a neurological magazine will be publishing the results of an investigation about reading and listening simultaneously. Very important results! Can pilots hear acoustic warnings while checking all the lights in the CafeTran Cockpit?

Why doesn't your kid hear you when she's reading?

My question relates to speech recognition: can you dictate and think (about polishing, phrasing, terms etc.) simultaneously?

"Further investigation is needed."

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Hmm, not sure. I do know, however, that while speaking, you can do other stuff with your hands (no, not that), such as move your mouse somewhere or other things. Very handy for getting into that flow thing I keep mentioning. Wait, yes, I think you can think while speaking. If you have a more or less fully formed sentence in your mind (which is always highly recommended when dictating, because any jitteriness or hesitation can cause Dragon to produce poor results) ... and you then start dictating it, as you do so, you can e.g. look at something on your screen and think about it.

Incidentally, did you know that when playing certain blaasinstrumenten, proficient players can blow out and breath in simultaneously!? What will our DNA think of next?

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