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Panta Rhei

Mr Woorden will have his Blue Wonder, next time he installs a new Headbanger, er, Harbinger. Got curious after Alains posting about display of tag content in sdlxliff and installed Harbinger on my test mac. The tag representation is superb as always. What a great programmer this mr. Igor. The Dashboard, however, we'll let me tell you dear mr. Woorden: make sure that you are seated safely when you open the updated Harbinger. And indeed: even a full time document guy couldn't keep up with this pace. Not that he should try, of course. CafeTran is largely intuitive and self explanatory

Looks like my great Aubette initiative isn't going to make it. No problem: I had my fun, playing with colours. Next try: how about CafeTran Espresso 2016 Panta Rhei?
I just have the feeling that this is going to be yet another funny day :). Can't wait until my dear friend mr Wooden Shoe wakes up I our former colonie.
12:47 woensdag, 9 december 2015 (GMT+7) Tijd in Jogjakarta, Indonesiƫ
Okay let me Quickly make breakfast for the family and take a shower. Will see a red, exploded face on the wall when I get back here. I'm so excited.
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