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Automatic insertion of source above target

 Sometimes, I'm asked by my agency to create a double-line (bilingual) file: source above target.

I'd appreciate it if CT provides an option to automatically insert the source text in the target segment as a separate line above the translation (I will do this mostly after the translation work is over).


Yep. I should have remembered that approach. More robust. And easy to automate. Another enhancement: assign a grey colour to the text in the first column to let the translation stand out. Always liked that. On the other hand: revision tables can contain notes, that can be used for extra features (more features please!) like colour coding based on segment content etc.

Hans CafeTran Wiki: And easy to automate.

I'm not so sure. It would take me several hours - if I'm lucky - to automate it. Processing it manually would take me a few seconds. In other words, not automating the process would save me several lifetimes worth of converting. I fiercely disagree with "everything that can be automated, should be automated."

...revision tables can contain notes

You can add as many columns as you like, as long as you add them before converting table to text.


>everything that can be automated, should be automated." // different peoples, different preferences--nevertheless all equally human beings. Peace
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