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I'm not able to import a PPT file into CT, which should normally be possible, as far as I could read here. I just get a blank page in the segments pane.

Has anybody any idea why that is?

Probably a simple mistake on my side.

Help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Sometimes MS Office documents have the X in the file name extension, but are actually an older format. Open and resave the file. Perhaps that solves the issue.

Unfortunately not!

There was no X in the extension, so I inserted one, without any effect.

Don't I maybe have to previously modify the PPT File in any other way? Something like pré-segment it?


You need to save as pptx
Ct can only process files from Microsoft office 97 And upwards
I think that CafeTran should check the extension and give a warning if there is no X in it
This time it worked, thank you! :)


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