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Q: What is this in PDF Viewer?

 Hello everyone

There is a strange string of characters (garbled?) at the bottom bar of PDF Viewer.

Does this field show something important or negligible? I'm on a Mac.



This field reads "Page" here (localized, in German, see below). 

Strange enough, I do not have any slash, but "Page […] of […]" (in German, as I said before). I wonder if there are different versions of this module implemented. 

Thanks, Torsten

Glad to know that this field isn't so important.


May I ask about which PDF viewer you are talking here?


It's about CT's built-in PDF Viewer.

This bug may be related to the language setting (in Java?)


>It's about CT's built-in PDF Viewer.

Duh, that's new for me. How do I open it?

Please see Tools menu. It's there!


Thank you. I vaguely remember (that's why I make these notes ;)). Must have had my black week when this feature was introduced.

Syncing of source segment with PDF possible?

Currently I use Skim plus a script to sync.

It's this one:

In Word (and some other apps) it's easy to create a PDF (save as PDF, print as PDF etc.). It would be nice if the PDF viewer would by default open the PDF with the source file name but the extension PDF, located in the same folder as the source document.

Perhaps synching can be done via Commands.FIND :: input = {“example”, 0, true, false}

The problem with many PDF files are the linefeeds in sentences and hyphens. 

Perhaps the search can be repeated until a result is found?

First for the whole segment content, then for all words up to the last one, if not found: up to the last two ones etc.

Another problem is: strings can be present om multiple pages, which one is found?

Is it possible to remove menu/screen items of the PDF viewer that aren't used in CafeTran programmatically?

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