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Increadibly complicated SDL Multierm glossary

 If you have MS Access, you can directly open an SDL Multiterm glossary (.sdltb). And you'd be surprised to see how complicated it is!

"sortterm" seems to be a sort of scrambled ID that is used to assemble resources here and there into a single glossary ???

(Access shows about a dozen of tables for a single glossary)

Anyway, I really don't understand why a glossary, which consists of a source term, a target term, and maybe one or more additional fields, needs to be so complicated.

(Well, I know that this is one of the common strategies to retain, keep, and confine the users, mostly for the developer's benefit, under the name (pretext?) of "ecosystem")

This has just reminded me of the benefit of CT's simple tab-limited glossary ...

Good night,

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Oh, I just found "sortterm" is data size ...


Yeah they are great, aren't they. This afternoon I'll be allowed to show my enthusiasm at Proz. And probably get attacked by the same "fans" again afterwards. Who are by the way Studio fans themselves. Well, I guess you cannot convince them all. Their loss.
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