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How does a TMX for terms work?

I'm trying to understand how a TMX for terms works. I've created a sample document and added 'erhöhte Temperatur = increased temperature' to the TMX for terms. I would expect that 'erhöhten Temperatur' would be recognised now:

Have I misunderstood these TMX for terms? Why isn't the translation for erhöhten Temperatur displayed in the tabbed pane?

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This is what happens if I use the my general TMX termbase and general memory for segment next to the test TMX termbase with erhöhte Temperatur as the only entry for the last sentence of my test document:

Mind the very last word. Unlike erhöhter in my previous messages (in this screenshot it was in a TMX file as a perfect match), it has been identified - and translated - correctly. And it has been partly highlighted.


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